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Commodore 64 Iphone App taken offline so lets compare it to the Iphone 3GS – Let the Battle Begin!!

With this weeks Release of the Iphone Commodore 64 app there was much enjoyment to all us 80’s Irish gamer kids, Unfortunately, Apple has pulled the C64 Application from their store today as it was discovered by some users that it was possible to enable the Basic program through the interface. they have now fixed the issue and the application has been re-submitted for approval by Apple.

So In the mean time while we wait for it to come online again, we have got a comparision list from Harry Mc Cracken at Technologizer To see which machine actuallly comes out top overall.. For a bit o Fun check out the comparisons below:)

The devices
Commodore 64
Commodore 64
Apple iPhone 3G S
Apple iPhone 3G S
Commodore BASIC 2.0
Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0
August 1982
June 2009
Closely associated with pioneering computer mogul of 1970s?
Celebrity owner
Big-budget TV ad campaign?
Catchy tagline
“What nobody else can give you at twice the price”
“The S is for speed”
Starts at $199
AT&T service required?
Yes, at first, if you wished to use a modem, since Ma Bell retained her monopoly on U.S. phone service until 1984
Yes, phone locked to that carrier in the U.S.
Dimensions and weight
I’m not sure, but definitely not pocket-sized
4.5″ by 2.4″ by 0.48″; 4.8 ounces
1.02-MHz  6502 6510
600-Mhz ARM
None included; cassette recorder and floppy drives available separately
16GB or 32GB flash memory
Screen resolution
Graphics chip
MOS Technology VIC-II; no 3D capability
Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR SGX with 3D capability
Sound chip
MOS Technology’s legendary SID
You know, I’m not sure, but whatever it is, it isn’t legendary
None as standard equipment, but you could hook one up via a peripheral called Computereyes
3 megapixel; video capable
None, which is understandable given that first GPS satellite went up in 1989
2 joystick ports; RS232 port; printer/floppy port; ROM cartridge slot
3G cellular; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; dock connector
Use as wireless telephone nearly anywhere in the world?
Dial-up modem available?
Not yet, but we can always hope
Maximum data speed
300-bps, initially
7.2mbps, if AT&T ever supports it nationwide
Connect to Internet?
You like BBSs, right? Actually, people have not only connected C64s to the Internet in recent years
Yes, via 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi
Use as Web server?
Not so far as I knowAbsolutely!
Supported by robust economy of third-party accessories?
Application store?
Yes, if Toys “R” Us counts
Yes, on iTunes
Total applications available
10,000 (that’s how many commercial apps there were according to Wikipedia; multiple commenters on this post say there were way more in total)
AOL software available?
Yes, AIM
Twitter client available?
Not back in 1982, but you’re good to go today
So many of them it’s hard to keep track
Ms. Pac-Man available?
Commodore 64 compatibility?
DRM-free music available?
Major Hollywood releases available  for download same date as DVD?
No, 1982 hits such as E.T., Tootsie, and Fast Times a Ridgemont High still not available
Yes (although E.T. and Fast Times at Ridgemont High remain unavailable)
Units sold
30 million since 1982

You can decide for yourself which you think is better :)

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  1. sandra407 says
    09 Sep 09 at 4:50pm

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • michael@techtv101.com says
      09 Sep 09 at 5:03pm

      Hi Sandra, Thanks for taking the time to let us know :) Please come back and visit us soon!! Mick


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