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BREAKING: Panasonic to Announce 3 new smartphones at MWC next week.

Having just returned from day one of Panasonic’s Press Convention here in Hamburg, I received information from one of the display team that Panasonic plan to announce 3 new smartphones at MWC in Barcelona next week. He was obviously very reserved with his information but he did go on to say that we ‘may’ see Panasonic’s own digital camera brand, Lumix, integrated into at least one of these new phones.That was all the information he was willing to give me and said I’d have to wait until MWC for more.

With one more day to go at the convention, I’ll try my best to get more info for you guys!


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  1. 20 Feb 12 at 5:36pm

    […] It is a very nice phone in the hand and the screen is extremely impressive with it’s high contrast levels and thin bezel. The phone is extremely thin and also light so will suit those style conscious phone users out there. To note, this may or may not be one of the phones which I referred to in my MWC post. […]

  2. 21 Feb 12 at 1:05pm

    […] Update: TechTV101 coaxed a few extra tidbits out of Panasonic, namely that there would be three new smartphones at MWC next week, and that we might see some of the company’s LUMIX digital camera tech show up in one or more of the phones. […]

  3. 22 Feb 12 at 11:23am

    […] Theo Pocket-lint, TechTV101 […]


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